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"Electric Cars Are a Hit With Chinese Consumers" -WSJ (2017-10-02)

one gripe i heard from multiple HDT drivers over the last year or so is that they have to go back to their base to charge the cars, whereas petrol stations are plentiful across the island. hopefully infra will develop quickly. it's just charging points, the engineering shouldnt be difficult, but the regulation and accounting/billing for electricity etc. may be tough to agree on.

BYD Sold Record 11,800 Plug-In EVs In October. More Than 250,000 Total

Quote:BYD has set a new record for plug-in electric vehicle sales in China for October with 11,802 deliveries, moving the bar up 15% from the previous year.

Global Electric Car Sales Up 63% In 3rd Quarter, BNEF Reports

Quote:It’s good news, bad news time at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. First, the good news. Global electric car sales (including plug-in hybrids) surged 63% in the third quarter of this year and are up 23% since the second quarter. BNEF is now confident EV sales will top 1,000,000 units this year. The bad news? China accounted for almost all of those increases.

BAIC EC-Series Scores 11,000 Sales in October! (Record Electric Car Sales in China!)

Quote:The rise and rise of the Chinese plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market is unstoppable, with yet another record performance in October. With 66,000 new passenger PEVs registered last month, that’s almost double the result of October ‘16, while pulling the YTD count to over 405,000 units, up 55% YoY

With Global Electric Car sales topping 60%, and China EV growth around 50-60%, BYD's recent months growth is discouraging (10-15%). The EV market is more competitive in China than I expected, and BYD's position less dominant as I thought.

Now I'm more bullish on Tesla and BMW (60%+ EV growth this year) and even Geely, as they seem to market their products better than BYD.

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In November, China, BYD, BAIC Set All Sorts Of New Plug-In Electric Car Sales Records
[Image: 6MW2SiT.png]
Quote:In November, BYD delivered some 12,864 plug-ins (excluding 894 Denza with Daimler), which is a new record. Growth amounted to 59%.
BYD showing signs of life as year on year unit sales growth in the month of November is finally in-line with industry average. 

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[Image: MiGlric.png]
BYD Increased Plug-In Electric Car Sales In January By 1,371%
Quote:Last January (2017) the Chinese market was hit by changes in approval for incentives, which killed sales. Therefore, the 7,151 sold by BYD last month is tremendous in terms of growth (+1,371%).


When we compare the 7,151 to January 2016, we see growth of just 30% over two years, which is not that much, especially not in China.

BYD Sells 8,357 Electric Vehicles In February, Total Sales At 26,273
Quote:HONG KONG (Mar 07) -- Hong Kong-listed BYD Company, a maker of electric vehicles, said Wednesday it sold a total of 26,273 vehicles in February of which 8,357 were in the electric and hybrid-electric category.

Based on estimation, BYD's y-o-y sales in Feb is +60% compared to 2016 sales. Lately BYD has been regaining it's swagger. But competition has gotten much better and intense in their local market (China). Specifically, BAIC has been outselling BYD, single model wise, for 6 months in a row ( Also, for the China EV market that has been growing at a 60% clip every year, BYD's 60% growth in 2 years was actually slower than the industry average. 

This is in addition to the fact that majority of BYD's sales are mainly PHEV (plug in Hybrids) compared to BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles). 

BEVs (pure electric; ala Tesla vehicles) are gaining a lot of steam over PHEVs in cost of production, cost of maintenance, and popularity; especially as the cost per kwh, battery capacity (range), and availability of fast charging station improves. This trend is likely to continue into the future.

China’s BYD plans to be building self-driving cars within three years
‘The new era of intelligent vehicles has arrived and by 2035, they will dominate the streets,’ says chairman and president Wang Chuanfu

Daniel Ren
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 September, 2018, 7:31pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 September, 2018, 11:37pm

BYD, China’s leading electric vehicle maker, is aiming to launch its first self-driving cars within three years, in partnership with mainland internet giant Baidu.

Wang Chuanfu, BYD’s chairman and president, said after securing a pole position in the electric car sector, it now plans to focus attention on building intelligent vehicles, or what he described as “super mobile phones on wheels”.

“As the auto industry makes new cars smarter, great changes will take place in people’s daily life,” he told a developer conference in Shenzhen on Wednesday.

“The new era of intelligent vehicles has arrived and by 2035, they will dominate the streets.”

Wang did not elaborate on the number of self-driving cars BYD aims to make initially.

Part-owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, BYD was created in the 1990s, initially as a battery manufacturer before it started building vehicles in 2003.

In April, it joined the “Project Apollo” platform launched by Baidu last year, one of the world’s largest and most diversified open self-driving alliances.

A BYD assembly line in Shenzhen. Photo: Reuters

Intelligent vehicles, also known as internet cars, use the latest technology such as artificial intelligence, GPS maps and other functions normally found in smartphones to offer navigation, in-car entertainment and related value-added services including car maintenance information, to drivers and passengers.

More details in
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Warren Buffett-backed Chinese electric car company outsells its start-up rivals
* Automaker BYD, backed by billionaire Warren Buffett, said its new electric luxury sedan “Han” has seen sales increase every month to surpass 10,000 units in November.
* At these levels, the “Han” model alone is selling just as well, or better, than vehicles from China’s electric car start-ups Nio, Li Auto and Xpeng.
* BYD’s overall sales of battery-powered electric passenger cars fell 11% in 2020.

Evelyn Cheng

BEIJING — Chinese automaker BYD is selling far more luxury electric sedans a month than the leading start-ups in the country, even though sales of electric passenger cars fell 11% last year.

BYD, backed by American billionaire Warren Buffett, disclosed late Tuesday that sales of battery-powered electric passenger cars fell 11% to 130,970 units last year. Overall sales, including that of commercial and oil-fueled vehicles, fell 7.46%.

However, sales improved in December, with that of battery-powered and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles surging more than 150% from the same month in 2019 to 27,594 units.

Sales of BYD’s “Han” electric car have also increased every month since the July launch to surpass 10,000 units in November. December figures weren’t available. That’s according to a transcript of an investor call accessed through the Wind Information database.

In late September, BYD said it delivered 4,000 units of the new luxury electric sedan in August, and that orders had topped 40,000 at that time. The vehicle comes in both pure electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

At these sales levels, the “Han” model alone is selling just as well as electric vehicles from Chinese automaker Nio, and better than that of other start-ups Li Auto and Xpeng.

The best performer of the three, Nio, said deliveries more than doubled last year to 43,728 vehicles, with a monthly high of more than 7,000 units in December. Nio plans to reveal its first sedan on Saturday.

More details in
Specuvestor: Asset - Business - Structure.

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