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k1 Ventures invests in US financial services firm Guggenheim Capital


(Not Vested)
Disclaimer: Please feel free to correct any error in my post. I am not liable for anything. Do your own research and analysis. I do NOT give buy or sell calls and stock tips. Buy and sell at your risk. I am not a qualified financial adviser so I do not give any advice. The postings reflects my own personal thoughts which may or may not be accurate.
Voluntary conditional cash offer at 0.135.

Not vested
Specuvestor: Asset - Business - Structure.
NAV = 18 cents.

cash offer is only 13.5 cents??

Taken private on the cheap?
OSK SOTP is $0.30 with a target price of $0.24. Have to wait and see what the IFA says. Seems like the GLC's are on the prowl for bargains in the marketplace.
Just some possible outcomes if i bought a 100 lots at 13.5 cents: 1. If the offer succeeds at the offer price, I lose the brokerage fee, 2. If the offer fails and the offerer throws in the towel, then it may fall back to about 11 cents and I lose about 2000 dollars (less the div of 0.5 cents) 3. If the offer fails and the offerer ups the offer lets say by 2 cents, then I will make $2000. What the IFA says may guide as to what the outcome could be. The neratel saga is a good case study but may not be comparable as this is a GO.
If Steve Green was truly a value investor, then there must be some value in this company at 13.5c. Suspect that many have been holding this company since its hey day when the price was almost double its current price. Of course the div over the years have made up for some loss ground.
Just want to confirm something here. If I don't accept the offer, I don't have to do anything, correct? Thanks.
As a reminder : the closing date of the final Offer will be on 5.30 p.m., 14 September 2012, tomorrow.

Just vested.
Specuvestor: Asset - Business - Structure.
What is there to do, where the deal is so lopsided in favour of the offeror?
The deal is more or less likely to fail.

- Last announced acceptance level was 76.02%
- Open market transactions had received probably around 6% of company shares
- Average daily trading volume since the offer made known is only 0.1% of all shares
- Apart from that, the deal had been extended twice. I don't think there are people out there with 10% stake and have not done anything. If they didn't, it's likely they are rejecting the deal

With another 8-9% more to go, it is very unlikely the deal will go through. Don't forget, the offer is condition upon a minimum 90% acceptance level.

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