KB Homes – still no margin of safety despite declining by 17 % since Aug 2023

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KB Homes (KBH) is a mid-sized US homebuilder with a concentrated geographical coverage. Its homebuilding operations span only 9 states.

I last looked KBH in Aug when it was trading at USD 54 per share. It has gone down to USD 45 per share today (15 Oct 2023).

In Aug, I had concluded that there was no margin of safety based on its EPV. At the current market price, there is still no margin of safety

[Image: KB-Homes-2023.png]

From a fundamental perspective, KBH has not achieved any revenue growth over the past 18 years and has poor financial position and low returns.
  • Its revenue shrank from 2005 to 2022.
  • It incurred losses from 2007 to 2012.
  • It did poorly on 2 of the financial metrics – cash on hand and Debt Equity ratio.
  • It has not been able to achieve a return over the cycle that is greater than the cost of funds.
  • It has not been able to deliver the asset efficiency part of its KB Edge strategy. There was no improvement in gross profitability and asset turnover.

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