The Best Acquisitions of All Time

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In the age of the FAANG, there is probably a lot of recency bias when tabulating this list. Take note this was also done in March 2020, right at the start of the Covid-19 based on the enterprise value of the companies at that time. Now in July2022, Meta (or Facebook) has declined to match March2020, while Alphabet has gone strength to strength and so I suspect Instagram would have dropped a couple of places (while losing its halo effect among the podcasters)

It is worth noting that all these business lines/products that were acquired, had zero marginal costs and they were subsequently integrated to address a big TAM (total addressable market).

The Best Acquisitions of All Time

Note: we ranked the list by our estimate of absolute dollar return to the acquirer. We could have used ROI multiple or annualized return, but we decided the ultimate yardstick of success should be the absolute dollar amount added to the parent company’s enterprise value. Afterall, you can’t eat IRR! For more on our methodology, please see the notes at the end of this post. And for all our trademark Acquired editorial and discussion tune in to the full episode above!

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