Last Sane Man on Wall Street

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An interesting read on Hindenburg Research, who gotten their fame from their major breakthrough from their short report on Nikola ~1.5years back.

There are cohort of activist long buyers and of course cohort of activist short sellers. In this way, then the Market will be more efficient.

Last Sane Man on Wall Street

On a practical level, though, the rolling truck was the killer detail — the spark that incinerated a high-flying stock to the career-making benefit of Nathan Anderson, the proprietor of Hindenburg Research.

Anderson belongs to a cranky cohort of “activist” short sellers. They make money by taking positions in the stocks of shaky or shady companies, which pay off if the price goes down — an outcome the shorts hasten with public attacks, publishing investigations on their web platforms and blasting away at their targets (and sometimes at one another) on Twitter.

To their many powerful enemies, they are little more than internet trolls, a fun-house-mirror image of the day-trading dumbasses on Reddit who drive up meme stocks for the lolz. Anderson prefers to think of himself as a private detective, identifying mischief and malfeasance that might otherwise go undetected by snoozing regulators. He used to poke around in shadowy corners, but lately he has been seeing fraud sitting right in the blazing light of day.

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