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New launch Ikigai is a newly launched freehold residential development located at Shrewsbury Road, Singapore. Developed by Opulent Development Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of renowned developer Prime Developments Pte. Ltd.

ikigai condo combines Japanese wabi-sabi design concepts and Scandinavian hygge Design Concepts, into an exclusive boutique residence in one of the most desirable residential areas in Singapore. As a luxury residential area blessed by nature with abundant greenery, the ikigai singapore allows future residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery right outside their balconies.

Tomoko Kawao, one of Japan’s most high-profile shodō (calligraphy) artists today, is behind the art of Ikigai. She started her practice of the art at six, taking up shodō classes in which she discovered her talent. In 2004, she took up apprenticeship with the shodō master Shoshu, embarking on the path to become a shodō artist after graduating from the university.

One of her masterpieces – Correlation (Ko-ō) series – focuses on brush movements in the air. Apart from two dark points of each piece of work, the myriad lines created were traces of ink dripping onto the paper from her brush above as it moved through between the two points. The other and more recent Hitomoji series sees the artist include herself as part of the characters and completed work.

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