Lake Resources (LKE)

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Hi all

There was a brief discussion between holding coal or lithium names as an investment in another thread earlier on. Coco had asked whether I hold any of the names that was listed. And yes I do! Thought that I would do a write up with the recent updates for the company and why I think the company is significantly derisked. The shares have had a significant run up of late since that posting so buyers beware! I am still holding it for long term exposure to renewable energy.

As an overview, the company is partnering with Lilac Solutions (backed by Breakthrough Energy (Bill Gates), BMW etc) to make use of their ion exchange technology to perform direct lithium extraction (DLE). Traditional lithium resource extraction methods are evaporation for brine and hard rock mining for spodumenes. The DLE method looks to displace the evaporation method and is heralded to be more eco friendly with lower carbon footprint, lower water use and lower land use. What is achieved in years through evaporation can be achieved in hours through DLE. Brine is extracted from underground and lithium extracted before pumping the brine back. The method has gone through pilot testing and results in 99.97% purity for lithium carbonate, much higher than the 99.5% battery grade requirement. For more discussion, please refer to link below.

Please do your own due diligence. Any reliance on my posts is at your own risk.
The Squirrel's Drey turns one! The following post does a brief recap of the discussions published on the site over the past year, which includes Lake Resources.

Please do your own due diligence. Any reliance on my posts is at your own risk.

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