Exxon Mobil

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After the last 5-6 years of wretched oil prices, will the world oil majors and our own Keppel/Sembmarine see light? Will sustainable energy be a big bubble when everyone is trying to get in?

The Hedge-Fund Manager Who Did Battle With Exxon—and Won

Asking an oil company to reduce its emissions was a test of how far an activist could go to challenge a business model. It also was one of the first significant tests of the unintended consequences of the rise of index fund giants such as BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street. For years the theoretical fears about these firms was that they would eventually distort prices or destroy competition. Now, if they voted with Engine, they could show their power to change a company. They didn’t buy these shares to push change the way activists do, but the index funds could assert their power as if they did.

that is where the money is.

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