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While selective capital reduction is not a voluntary offer, but the ultimate goal that our Chairwomen want is to delist (after the capital reduction reduces the free float <10%) and so it needs a "fair and reasonable" offer to do so.

As per IFA, Chairwomen are been generous in their breakup fee Smile a big contrast to those red/white folks in suits.

Best World’s exit offer ‘fair and reasonable’, says independent financial adviser

Best World made an exit offer by way of a selective capital reduction in April in a move to delist the personal-care products company, raising the price to S$2.56 a share in cash in late May – up from S$2.50 previously. It also said it had no intention to revise the offer price.

According to Evolve Capital Advisory’s computations, the estimated value of each Best World share ranges between S$1.36 and S$2.69. Given that the final exit offer price is within the fourth quartile of this range, the offer is thus deemed “fair”.

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